Back in June, I had a fall that resulted in a left distal fibula fracture. I’m accustomed to twisting my ankle and was reluctant to have it looked at for fear of getting a compression wrap and being sent home.

I arrived at the Rifleman location at about 7:50 p.m. I knew I would be “one of those” customers that shows up right at closing time. I apologized to the office staff for coming in so late. They were welcoming and took me right in. The x-ray person was amazing, gentle, and personable. She was patient with me even when I took FOREVER to climb the little platform. She let me wear this adorable apron….but she wouldn’t let me keep it! LOL LOL LOL

Andy Chorn was the one that looked at my x-rays and found that I had actually fractured my fibula. Believe it or not, I was actually relieved to find out it was fractured and that I wasn’t just being a baby. He was personable, knowledgeable, and very understanding. I actually felt like he listened to my concerns and fears about the injury. I was fitted with a walking boot and scheduled to come back for follow up. I was due to leave on a trip to California within a few days. He was so thoughtful. He made sure I didn’t leave your office without an order for a kneeling scooter and a note for the airlines to board early. I was VERY impressed!

I must say that the walking boot was wonderful! It kept me mobile enough that I didn’t miss very much work at either of my jobs. I felt like I could move around safely and keep my ankle supported at the same time.

When I had concerns about the swelling in my ankle I was able to get in to see Andy without having to wait days or even weeks. Just having the opportunity to get in quickly and have him assess my ankle made me feel better. Again, the entire staff was amazing! They were even good sports when I brought in the antique Civil War peg leg for show and tell!

I wanted to make sure I thanked Andy and the rest of the staff for taking such great care of me during my injury and recovery. When I asked questions, I was given clear, easy to understand answers. It was such a great experience. I felt like I was actually taken care of and not just given an ankle wrap sent out the door limping.

I have already shared my experience with several coworkers and friends and I will continue to praise your business for the excellent service I received. After going to your facility, I’ll never head back to the ER for anything bone related! Why settle for “triage” treatment when you can have 5 Star service!

A Very Happy Customer

P.S. I’ve learned a very important lesson from this whole experience. Never, ever make fun of the old lady on the commercial that says, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” That’s not funny when it happens to you! LOL LOL LOL

It was just a few days before Christmas and my wife slipped on some black ice while she was going out to get the paper.  I saw it was broken and when I was figuring out what to do I remembered seeing a sign for DOC while I was driving around downtown a few weeks earlier.

I got on the phone and was delighted to find out there was a DOC just a little over three miles away, they were open and could see us.

We made all the lights on Eagle Road and got there in thirteen minutes.  The front desk folks did a rapid admission on her, she was taken for X-rays, a really nice doctor came in and did an examination, looked at the X-rays, put her fingers into a restraint and manipulated the joint back to where it was supposed to be and stabilized her until her operation that same afternoon.

I spent a career in the Air Force and we were always interested in improving a process and DOC has set a very high standard, a “gold standard” that is a model for others to emulate.

We were taking a 30th Anniversary cruise with friends at New Years and the folks at DOC made that happen by putting on a removable brace just in time for us to set sail.  There were a lot of older people on board and they’d  ask what happened and we’d tell them all about DOC.  Several Canadians said they wish they had that service.

Thanks to everybody for a terrific response to a bad experience.

Mike & Laurie




Friday night we brought our daughter into your office to seek care for her hurt arm. Initially we thought the shoulder was out of place, but it turned out to have the fracture. I happen to work at a local medical center, and I just wanted to say the care we received at your office was AWESOME. We came in right at closing time and no one was irritated or fussy with us about it. You were quick, but very through. Your front desk guy, forgive me I didn’t catch his name, was SUPER awesome as well! I loved his sense of humor and I think when you’re having these crazy moments with your kids, it’s refreshing to have the people you are working with be kind and have a sense of humor.

I appreciate you giving us every detail you could and I wanted you to know that Treasure Valley Hospital followed up with me first thing this morning and Gracie is going in for her scan at 1:30 today. Fingers crossed no surgery, but even if that does happen we know she’s good hands there as well.

I have had a great summer. I can wear regular (cute) shoes! I walked barefoot on the beach a couple weeks ago for the first time since 2004; I can walk up and down stairs normally; I have no ankle or leg pain; I can drive love distances without terrible swelling; I can work in my garden, flowers, and lawn tirelessly; go prospecting in the mountains; walk with our little grandchildren; go grocery shopping; ect... all without the tears of pain at night. Such much more and I am so, so thankful!

This is the best I have felt in 13 summers and I am eternally grateful for having a quality of life that I almost given up in finding. 

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!