Friday night we brought our daughter into your office to seek care for her hurt arm. Initially we thought the shoulder was out of place, but it turned out to have the fracture. I happen to work at a local medical center, and I just wanted to say the care we received at your office was AWESOME. We came in right at closing time and no one was irritated or fussy with us about it. You were quick, but very through. Your front desk guy, forgive me I didn’t catch his name, was SUPER awesome as well! I loved his sense of humor and I think when you’re having these crazy moments with your kids, it’s refreshing to have the people you are working with be kind and have a sense of humor.

I appreciate you giving us every detail you could and I wanted you to know that Treasure Valley Hospital followed up with me first thing this morning and Gracie is going in for her scan at 1:30 today. Fingers crossed no surgery, but even if that does happen we know she’s good hands there as well.

I have had a great summer. I can wear regular (cute) shoes! I walked barefoot on the beach a couple weeks ago for the first time since 2004; I can walk up and down stairs normally; I have no ankle or leg pain; I can drive love distances without terrible swelling; I can work in my garden, flowers, and lawn tirelessly; go prospecting in the mountains; walk with our little grandchildren; go grocery shopping; ect... all without the tears of pain at night. Such much more and I am so, so thankful!

This is the best I have felt in 13 summers and I am eternally grateful for having a quality of life that I almost given up in finding. 

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!