Regenerative Medicine



Dr. Sean Hassinger and his physician assistant Lindsey, offer a variety of Regenerative Medicine treatments, including Platelet Rich Plasma Injections (PRP) and stem cell injections. With years of surgical experience, Dr. Hassinger applies his surgical knowledge with Regenerative Medicine treatments to ensure quicker healing for patients. Dr. Hassinger is a board certified orthopedic surgeon, and has worked with and trained Lindsey Carmichael, PA for the last five years.

Platelet rich plasma (Prp)

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a concentration of platelets and growth factors derived from a blood draw in the office. After the blood sample is drawn it goes through a rapid spinning process (centrifuge) that separates the platelets and growth factors from the red blood cells. These platelets and growth factors are then injected into the patient treatment site. Patients should expect the appointment to take around 30 minutes.

Allied Orthopaedics offers two kinds of PRP injections, Leukocyte Rich and Leukocyte Poor. Leukocyte Rich PRP is used to treat muscle and tendon injuries such as tendonitis and tendonosis. Leukocyte Poor PRP injections are used to treat joint arthritis. The difference between the two are that the white blood cell counts within the aspirate can produce a pro-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory response (depending on our treatment goals). Leukocyte Rich indicates a higher white blood cell count to induce an inflammatory response and thus promote healing. For arthritis treatment, Leukocyte Poor is used to prevent an inflammatory reaction.

Bone marrow aspirate stem cell Concentrate (bmac)

Bone marrow contains mesenchymal stem cells and hematopoietic stem cells. Stem cells are known to have the ability to differentiate into many different tissue cells, such as muscle, tendon, ligament, bone, or blood cells. During the procedure, bone marrow is aspirated from the posterior pelvis and is used to derive stem cells for healing. This is different from PRP in that is has the potential to regenerate tissue, such as in partial tendon tears, or more advanced arthritic conditions.

This is an in-office procedure, but can also be used in conjunction to arthroscopic procedures (of the knee and shoulder). We may use sedatives such as valium to make the procedure more comfortable. The area is numbed prior to the procedure, and you will experience pressure and some mild discomfort. After the bone marrow is aspirated from the joint, it is spun down in the centrifuge to separate out a higher concentration of stem cells, which will then be injected into the treatment site.

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Dr. Sean Hassinger


Dr. Sean Hassinger had a successful surgical practice specializing in shoulder and knee arthroscopic surgery including ligament reconstruction, rotator cuff repair, meniscus repair, and cartilage transplantation. Recently, Dr. Hassinger has combined his years of surgical experience with Regenerative Medicine. He now offers injections, such as PRP and BMAC, to promote faster recovery timelines. These stem cell and PRP injections are performed in the office.

Dr. Sean Hassinger has extensive experience in the treatment of shoulder disorders. This includes the management of rotator cuff tears and tendonitis, arthritis, dislocations, and cartilage disorders.




Lindsey has been a physician assistant for 7 years, with experience in cardiology and general surgery in addition to her 5 years of orthopedic experience at Direct Orthopedic Care and Allied Orthopaedics. Lindsey's orthopedic experience includes clinical evaluations, fracture care, casting and splinting, and surgical assisting. Lindsey has helped transition Dr. Hassinger’s practice to a Regenerative

Lindsey is originally from Eastern Oregon, but has lived and practiced in the Boise area for the past 10 years. Lindsey enjoys mountain biking, camping, and fishing with her husband, Josh and two year old daughter. She travels whenever she has the opportunity. 




“I am eager to relay my recent experience with Dr. Hassinger and Lindsey Carmichael. I have been experiencing knee pain since sustaining a bone bruise in a bike race related crash in 2017. This pain consistently limited my ability to ride my bike, I do general exercise and work normally. I am fairly active in my job as a physical therapist and have had considerable trouble with squatting or demonstrating exercises. I was excited to learn that Dr. Hassinger was changing his practice to include interventional injections such as platelet rich plasma (PRP). I was hesitant to undergo another cortisone injection as the risk cartilage damage continues to increase with more injections, so PRP was perfect for me. The injection procedure was pretty simple. They drew blood from my arm, then spun it down in a centrifuge to separate the platelets. The platelets were then injected into my knee. Dr. Hassinger numbed my knee before the injection and I felt almost no discomfort. Since the injection, my knee pain decreased significantly. It now only has a mild ache after skiing or cycling. The pre-injection pain was continuously moderate, with increases during and after activity. Thanks a ton for your work. I would highly recommend this treatment for athletes or anyone having chronic musculoskeletal issues.”


“Dr. Sean Hassinger has been a great advocate for options to get rid of the pain in my knee.  I started having increased knee pain last summer after a backpacking trip.  It was at a point that I could barely walk.  Cortisone injections gave me good short term relief.  Patella femoral arthritis, meniscal tear and mild medial and lateral compartment degenerative joint disease did not indicate the need for surgery at this time.

Dr. Hassinger recommended I try PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injections.  I had my first injection 12/28/18.  After about 6 weeks, I felt the pain was 80% improved.  I had a second injection 2/8/19,  and a week later was back cross country skiing and starting back to skate skiing.  I can run up and down a flight of stairs without issues, and this Fall I could not do this without support of railings.

I am looking forward to getting back to hiking in the foothills and ready to make plans for our next backpack trip!

Thank-you Dr. Hassinger!  I could not be more pleased that I had this less invasive option to get back to the activities and lifestyle of my choosing!!

I can’t Thank-you enough!!”